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Enjoy exciting hunting stories told by SCI members and read about the latest guns and gear they’re using in the bush.

Return Of The Mauser 98

New production Mauser 98.
New production Mauser 98.

After a mere 70 years, give or take a few months, the Mauser company of Germany is once again producing Mauser 98 rifles. Continue reading Return Of The Mauser 98

Good Things in Small Packages

Reeves-Muntjac-No-1Even though his heart was originally set on an Axis, Chad Foster successfully harvested something much bigger… a new Potential #1 Reeves Muntjac taken in Kerr County on The Picarosa South.

Date Taken: 01-09-15
Guide: Herbert Lapetina
Score: 20 0/8

Congratulations to Chad on your accomplishment!

Finally, My Drilling!

German Drilling Rifle/Shotgun
Another deer falls to the versatile European Drilling.

I was slowly stalking along the edge of a rolling South Dakota meadow and spotted a good set of whitetail deer antlers seemingly floating along the skyline directly ahead. A wide rack with eight or more tall, grey Continue reading Finally, My Drilling!

Texas Aoudad

West Texas Aoudad
Hunter Ross and Boddington with a very big free-range aoudad from West Texas. Perhaps because of the stigma of being “non-native” this is a greatly underestimated hunt for a spectacular animal!

We saw him again on the last afternoon. He was big-bodied and heavy in the shoulders, with a tawny coat like an old lion. What stood out, though, were his long, flowing mane and chaps, rippling in the breeze and seeming to drag the ground. He was standing on a cliff Continue reading Texas Aoudad