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Enjoy exciting hunting stories told by SCI members and read about the latest guns and gear they’re using in the bush.

Shotgun Tips & Tricks – What You See Comes From The Brain!

“The way we see is not determined by what we want to see, but by how we have learned to practice seeing!”…. Gadi Geiger.

Vicki & Gil Ash
Vicki & Gil Ash

My how the science is changing when it comes to how our brains really function and create the almost impossible synchronous movements we call skill. If you get the chance to see any of the episodes of “Brain Games” on National Geographic channel, don’t miss them as they are incredible at showing how proficient our brains really are and also how our brains can be tricked into thinking they see something that is really not there. Continue reading Shotgun Tips & Tricks – What You See Comes From The Brain!

Armchair Safari – Adventures with Buffalo

Chadwick-title-page-111715W. S. Chadwick was a popular and prolific author, probably because he hunted so much. He authored numerous books, each one more popular than the preceding one. One of his first books, Man-Killers and Marauders, is very rare. Here, we join this hunter on some of his adventures with the African Cape buffalo.

Wherever big game hunters gather to exchange reminiscences, the argument as to whether lion, elephant, buffalo or rhino arises Continue reading Armchair Safari – Adventures with Buffalo

Winchester Model 94 Short Rifle In .450 Marlin

Winchester-M94-Short-Rifle-111715The popular Winchester Model 94 Short Rifle from Winchester Repeating Arms is now offered chambered in the powerful .450 Marlin cartridge. In addition to this new caliber, the Model 94 Short Continue reading Winchester Model 94 Short Rifle In .450 Marlin

The All-American Pronghorn

pronghorn bucks
During the rut, when bucks are aggressively chasing does, using a buck decoy to challenge territorial behavior can sometimes bring a buck charging right into your lap.

The distinctly-American pronghorn is one of the modern conservation movement’s biggest success stories. Bowhunting them can be a real challenge.

Last August I found myself sweltering inside a pop-up blind in southern Continue reading The All-American Pronghorn