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Enjoy exciting hunting stories told by SCI members and read about the latest guns and gear they’re using in the bush.

Bagging Birds in Saskatchewan

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hunter on decoys at daybreak
The calm before the storm.

As the autumn sun began to light up the horizon, we were sitting in shallow field dugouts amid a spread of more than a hundred decoys that mimicked ducks, dark and light geese. From afar came the din of flying geese, talking among themselves as they traversed the cloudless sky. Some groups remained wide, others came closer while still others, hearing the enticing calls from hunters on the ground, flew directly toward the decoys, lowering their wing flaps and dropping their feet as they anticipated touchdown. Continue reading Bagging Birds in Saskatchewan

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World Heritage Rifle – Dedicated to the International Hunter

Work on the Africa rifle, the first in the World Heritage Rifle Series, continues apace as the extensive engraving and the highly figured stock are both complete and anxiously awaiting the finished metalwork. Take a look at the finished engraving and some other stellar samples of John Bolliger’s work.

Ghost of the Rainforest

Julia and Oleg with bongo antelope
The author (r) and Oleg (l) celebrate the success of a challenging hunt.

It’s always exciting to hunt a trophy you never did before or to go to a new destination. But when Oleg and I planned our first bongo hunt, it did not seem anything extraordinary—we’ve been to Cameroon in savanna already and bongo is an antelope—we’ve done dozens of Continue reading Ghost of the Rainforest

The Right Elephant

Bull elephant in brush Zambezi Valley
Getting close is the excitement of elephant hunting. This bull has a way to go before he’s a right elephant.

In the 1970s and ’80s, when a massive wave of commercial poaching swept so much of Africa, the African elephant became a hot topic. The answer from the international community was to ban the commercial sale of elephant ivory. But the elephant was never endangered and the ban itself Continue reading The Right Elephant