Darrell Holland

Hunter Survival

HOLLAND,Darrell111412Being a hunter means going where the game is and that usually means remote and dangerous areas miles away from roads and immediate assistance. Every year, hundreds of hunters are lost or injured while following their passion. At the 2015 SCI Convention, Darrell Holland will bring his valuable skills and years of experience to this important and informative seminar. If you find yourself lost or injured Darrell’s expertise and insight will provide you with the tools you need to survive nearly any situation nature can throw at you. Topics will include hypothermia prevention, first aid tips, day pack must haves and perhaps most importantly, what to leave behind. Don’t be a statistic! Learn the most important survival skills you can possess!



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Neal Bauder checks to make sure drop and comb shape is perfect.

Chasing The Perfectly Fitted Gun

Pin gauge showing different comb shapes.
Pin gauge showing different comb shapes.

Many shooters think that a try-gun fitting is the ultimate first step in getting a gun to fit perfectly, and for some it is–especially if a custom stock is the desired outcome. We have a try-gun and use it some when extreme length dimension are required to alter a gun to a very tall Continue reading


The Right Buffalo

Score matters…but so do age and experience.

therightbuffalo2006ZimbabweThe actual experience of hunting a Cape buffalo does not depend on the size of the trophy. As with Zimbabwe’s tuskless elephant hunting, in areas where buffalo are overpopulated and female buffalo are on license, the hunt for a Continue reading


Flashback Friday – The King of the Valley

safmagMA1994CvrEditor’s Note: On Friday we search through the extensive Safari Magazine archives and bring you a story from the past. This week we join Don Myers on a handgun hunt for a majestic bull elk in 1991. This story originally ran in the March/April 1994 issue of Safari Magazine.

The air had something extra in it that morning as we topped the ridge overlooking Cotton Mesa Valley. It was crystal clear, clean and charged with electricity and the smell of pine Continue reading

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