The Making Of A Masterpiece Rigby Rifle

In 2015, Rigby built a rifle the SCI World Heritage Rifle honoring hunting in Asia that its Managing Director, Marc Newton, called “the best .275 bolt rifle Rigby has ever made.”  The gun realized $250,000 at auction during the 2016 Safari Club International convention and the funds will be used to support conservation efforts and hunting as a scientifically proven method of responsible wildlife management.  The rifle, styled after a similar rifle owned by famed hunter Jim Corbett, commemorates Corbett’s ending the carnage of mankillers throughout Asia. This video shows just some of the attention to detail that went into making this exceptional rifle.

Facts and Fictions

rifle barrels
Assuming barrels of the same contour, which these are not, accuracy-wise the odds are with the shorter, stiffer barrel. With iron sights, however, the longer barrel with its longer sight radius would have an advantage in aiming accuracy.

As a young and impressionable youth preoccupied with guns and hunting, I heard a lot of “facts” regarding both that I’ve long since learned are untrue. What is amazing, however, is how Continue reading Facts and Fictions

PH Spotlight Johnny Vivier

PHJohnnyVivierPhoto-012916Johnny Vivier grew up in the bush with the safari way of life, as his father, Chris, was a PH who worked for Selby Safaris. As a young apprentice PH, he guided his first client in Zimbabwe in 1978 on plains game, which was the beginning of his 37-year career. Johnny has hunted all of the Big 5, including hippo, crocodile and more than 50 different species of plains game throughout Southern Continue reading PH Spotlight Johnny Vivier

SCI & Rigby Set New Rifle Auction Record!

Copyright--John-Rigby-&-Co-2The upper limits of fine firearms value has been redefined with the John Rigby & Co. and SCI’s collaborative effort for the second in the World Heritage Rifle series. Built by Rigby as a tribute to Jim Corbett’s legendary rifle, the Asian rifle sold at auction on the final night of the 2016 SCI Convention for $250,000, making it the highest price paid for a bolt-action rifle at any SCI Auction. Continue reading SCI & Rigby Set New Rifle Auction Record!

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