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Youth Deer Rifles

Looking back, some of my best childhood memories are from the woods.  I am fortunate that I have a father who took me hunting with him from an early age. Continue reading Youth Deer Rifles

And Then There Was Africa

It’s a year later and the immensity of the adventure of my first trip to Africa is still nearly overwhelming. The culture, wildlife, the tradition of the Safari and the hunt offer more than enough story line. Continue reading And Then There Was Africa

Junior Jack Kamp 2018

The Arizona Chapter of SCI was proud to once again host the Annual Junior Jack Kamp.  In addition to the usual assistance from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the chapter was also grateful to have members of the Phoenix Chapter of SCI help with manpower and financial assistance. Continue reading Junior Jack Kamp 2018

Student Yearbook Nixes Photo Of Hunter With Gun

Bonny Eagle High School in Standish, ME is refusing to allow student Wade Gelinas to include his photo in the school yearbook because it shows him in the woods carrying a shotgun. Continue reading Student Yearbook Nixes Photo Of Hunter With Gun