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Young Guns in the Yukon

young-guns-glassing-mountains-051816Many hunters today have bucket lists that include animals they would like to harvest. I remember a few years ago walking into my office and my two young sons, Walker and Wyatt were on our computer typing a list. I thought to myself, “That is interesting, I wonder what is on their list?” As I started reading, I noticed a list of animals they had taken, and a list of animals they would like to hunt. They had my SCI Record Book on the desk making their wish list. Little did they know that a few years later they would be able to make one of their dreams a reality. Continue reading Young Guns in the Yukon

First Deer Memories

Whitetail deer in fieldIt’s a place where orange fall leaves cover huge maple trees in a vast forest, where wet dew sits untouched upon the fallen leaves and where deer browse the sodden grass. Continue reading First Deer Memories

AZ Game & Fish Wins Video Awards

The Arizona Game & Fish Department video production staff, were the recipients of five “Excellence in Craft” awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of America. The video in the Family Participation/Youth Outdoor Education category titled “2013 Junior Jack Camp” is of special interest as it focuses on the efforts of introducing youngsters to hunting and the science of wildlife management. Safari Club International, AZ Chapter participates in the annual Junior Jack Camp and is proud to help a new generation discover their hunting heritage through this very popular program.

Brodey Pemberton Selected

tabatha_and_BrodyBrodey Pemberton was selected by the Pathfinder Committee to be the USA youth to go to Laurentian Wildlife in Canada to be a guest on Expedition Safari with Mike Rogers this fall.

Brodey was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in October 2009. This is a form of bone cancer the doctors said was very aggressive. The treatment plan was to hit him hard with chemo, but the family could have never imagined just how intense it was going to be. Brodey was hospitalized for seven days for every treatment he received because it was so toxic to his body. On the seventh day, his treatment would end around 10pm and then he would receive a recovery drug for his kidneys to try and prevent any kidney damage. There is a two-hour wait after receiving this drug. Brodey would request to go home at midnight, and the doctors agreed that he could do that. From then on he was known as the “Midnight Bandit.”

The white walls and the smell of the hospital were just to much for Brodey to take so he wanted to get home as soon as possible knowing he only had a week at home to recover before starting the treatment process all over again. The process continued for 10 long months and, if it wasn’t hard enough on him worrying if this treatment was going to cure him, Brodey was hit with another devastating blow just a couple months into his treatment when his mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

“This could not be happening, and I will never forget sitting on his bed and him asking me if I was going to die. I told him ‘absolutely not we were going to fight and beat this together,'” remembers Brodey’s mother. “Brodey is such an inspiration to me. After my surgery and my first chemo, which lasted four months, he gathered up enough energy to come to my room and ask if was there anything he could do or get for me, when he could barley stand on his on. I knew right then we would be OK,” she continued.

The chemo has left its mark on Brodey’s young body. In his senior year, Brodey has had to give up football, which he played for 12 years, due to heart damage caused by one of the many treatments he received. He is also having joint pain in both feet and knees, which the family is told is par for the course. Brodey is being  monitored every three months with scans and blood work so everyday the family counts its blessings for the life they have. His mother often tells Brodey “Dream big and live life to the fullest.”