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Hunting the Elusive North American Wolf

The author and his awesome black wolf.
The author and his awesome black wolf.

There are game animals I would like to hunt but never have. Because of some combination of cost, availability, and accessibility some of these I will never hunt…and certainly there are other animals that I have hunted but have been unsuccessful. Hunting is hunting; there are few guarantees, and lack of success can come from many factors: Weather, geography, timing, one’s own incompetence…and the simple fact that some animals are more elusive than others. Continue reading Hunting the Elusive North American Wolf

Mexican Wolves – The SW’s Conservation Conundrum


Join host Anna Seidman, Safari Club International Director of Litigation for this informative panel discussion at the 2014 SCI Annual Convention. Mexican wolves are the only gray wolf population in the United States that has not yet been delisted.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is turning its recovery focus on this subspecies, which could bring rule changes, litigation challenges and new tribulations to hunters and ranchers in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Utah.

Listen to a panel representing state fish and game agencies, biologists and legal experts who will discuss the key issues relevant to balancing Mexican wolf management and conservation with recreational and commercial interests.