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Immortalize Your Next Adventure


Join Jeff Simpson at the 2014 SCI Convention for this fun and informative seminar. Each season, you embark on new adventures and one of the reasons we keep going back to our outdoor roots is to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of nature.  This seminar is designed to teach you some simple techniques that will allow you to capture photos and video of your next trip so that you can share the experience with your friends and family.

More people than ever are taking and sharing photos through social media and other outlets.  This is an opportunity to learn some basic guidelines to make your photos look better and tell the story of your adventure.



Capturing Your Personal Adventures on Video


Join Tim Schnell, from GSM Outdoors, at the 2014 Safari Club International Convention as he demonstrates how the use of Trail and Point of View camera technology has become an integral part of photographing wildlife and documenting the outdoor adventure experience.

Learn about proper camera positioning and mounting techniques to maximize your camera’s potential to best capture your personal adventures!