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Eye Popping Art Up For Auction

SCI members eagerly look forward to our annual Convention for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most anticipated is discovering what unique and beautiful art will be on the auction block. Every year, wildlife artists, engravers and jewelry designers pull out all the stops to provide a wide range of one of a kind items and donate them for auction to help SCI realize it global conservation mission. Here is a taste of the exquisite pieces that will be up for bid at the 2018 SCI Convention.

The Bronzes of Bud Burger

Sculptor Bud Burger’s biggest problem at the moment is that he has, in his own words, “sculpted himself into a corner.” Thankfully his studio space is quite large because his most recent creation, at 900 pounds with a 6-foot rack, is a life-sized moose lying down. It took the foundry he works with 31 molds, and that’s just one part of the multi-layered process that goes into creating bronze sculpture. Continue reading The Bronzes of Bud Burger

Multi-Media Man

“One of us was going to die,” Stephen (Steve) LeBlanc said without emotion between sips of a diet soda. We were seated in his kitchen in his home south of Denver. Through a Continue reading Multi-Media Man

SCI Interviews Sculptor Mike Barlow

Mike Barlow is one of the country’s premier wildlife sculptors. His bronzes evoke the power of the predator/prey dynamic and are highly sought after by hunters and collectors all over the world. Here he discusses his love of the outdoors and his inspiration for his powerful pieces.