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A Safari For Camilla

Six Safari Sisters initiated Camilla .308s on van Zwoll’s HCA safari

Had her PH not paused to take the call, we’d not have had the shot. It’s my only fond memory of cell service afield. A wink of sun on black horn caught my eye. Tall grass hid most of the springbok ram, a long poke away, on the hem of thick thorn. “There!” Continue reading A Safari For Camilla

Weatherby Relocating To Wyoming

Firearms manufacturer Weatherby Inc. announced the relocation of its manufacturing operations and corporate headquarters to Sheridan, Wyoming from California. The announcement was made at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Continue reading Weatherby Relocating To Wyoming

My Special Rifle

Author’s Weatherby has seen and done it all…

My rifle had misfired six times in a row. I was cold, soaking wet, hungry and just plain bone-tired.

I was a much younger man when I was fortunate enough to draw a coveted Washington State goat tag on my first attempt. I was lucky enough to harvest a goat; matter of fact I was lucky my 7mm Mag Weatherby rifle even fired, but it was downhill after that! Continue reading My Special Rifle

Hunting with the new Weatherby 6.5-300

weatherby-6-5-300-legends-ranchFirst, it went on a mule deer hunt in Arizona. Then it went to Legends Ranch in Michigan where it took a magnificent white-tailed deer. Did I mention that Legends is a great place? It is. Whether the situation is wide open spaces, or in the woods, the 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum cartridge in Weatherby’s Mark V Accumark rifle gets the job done – in a hurry. Continue reading Hunting with the new Weatherby 6.5-300