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The Heavies

vanZwollcapebuffalohnt4evr111813Join Dr. Wayne Van Zwoll at the 2014 Annual SCI Convention for new insights and perspectives on bullet selection for large game.

Tough game shouldn’t survive your shot.  Bullet choice matters!  Does weight trump velocity?  Is full penetration desirable?  Do solid-copper bullets kill better than lead-core?  Why use flat-base bullets when boat-tails fly flatter?  Do VLD’s kill reliably?  What’s the real value of polymer tips?  How does impact speed affect upset?

Dr. van Zwoll taps his 45 years of field experience, plus insights from ballisticians and other hunters, for answers.  You get little-known facts about loads and rifles for heavy game.  More than 100 stunning photos!  Don’t miss this lively, informative seminar!




Field Marksmanship with Wayne van Zwoll




Wayne van Zwoll knows a missed chance could be your only chance! No matter good your rifle, good marksmanship matters more! Beyond basics, this seminar shows techniques of Olympic champs and storied exhibition shooters. Make any rifle quicker up close, more accurate at distance. Eliminate “flyers”. Use wind to help your bullet hit! Which load is best? Which sight?

Dr. van Zwoll’s answers may surprise you! He draws on nearly five decades in the world’s great game fields with dozens of rifles and loads – and discusses contrary views.

More than 100 photos help bring you this ticket to dead-center marksmanship. A must-see!