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Country Star Michael Peterson To Perform At The 2019 SCIF Veterans Breakfast

The SCIF Veterans Committee selected Michael Peterson as the entertainer for 2019 Veterans Breakfast in Reno.  Peterson has a country music career that spans more than 30 years and has performed more than 2,500 concerts in 19 countries. Peterson is a million selling, Grammy nominated, country music star with six self-penned Number 1 hits including the wedding standard “From Here To Eternity” and the iconic “Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie.”  He also is the recipient of numerous distinguished public service awards including the prestigious Bob Hope “Spirit of Hope” medal from the USO for his 11 tours and more than 150 performances for servicemen and women deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea.

The Veterans Breakfast will be held on Friday, January 11, 2019 with the doors opening at 7:00 a.m. at the North Fork Pavilion (Day Auction room).  Each year at convention, the Veterans Committee holds the breakfast to honor servicemen and women and veterans from the United States and Canada. All members are welcome, and veterans eat free.  Veterans Breakfast tickets are available to purchase online through Convention Registration.

New last Convention, the SCIF Veterans Committee auctioned a sponsorship for a combat veteran to go on a 400- to 420-point bull elk hunt.  The sponsor – winning bidder of the auction is paying for Cody Scriver to go on a trophy Colorado elk hunt donated by Trophy Mountain Ranch located near Cowdrey, Colorado.   The hunt will take place the second week in September and be videotaped by Colorado Buck’s film crew.


Sponsor A Combat Veteran On A Trophy Elk Hunt

New this Convention, the SCIF Veterans Committee is auctioning a sponsorship for a combat veteran to go on a 400- to 420-point bull elk hunt.  The winning bidder of the auction will be paying to send Cody Scriver, a nine-year Marine veteran who has participated in more than 100 combat missions in Afghanistan, on a Colorado Continue reading Sponsor A Combat Veteran On A Trophy Elk Hunt

SCI Veteran’s Breakfast

Safari Club International celebrated the dedication and sacrifice our military veterans have made in the defense of our freedoms, including our freedom to pursue our hunting heritage. Mike Rogers Jr. spoke of his admiration of the veterans he has hosted as part of SCI’s Expedition Safari.

Retired Army Captain Tommy Clack spoke plainly but eloquently of the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make on a daily basis to defend our country in the war on terrorism. Severely wounded in Vietnam in 1969, Tommy addressed the need for continued help and support for our veterans on their return to civilian life. His heartfelt appeal resulted in a standing ovation.

SCI Badgerland Sponsors Pheasant Hunt For Disabled Shooters

BadgerlandDisablredTravis-AllenOn Saturday, November 3, 2012, SCI Badgerland again was the major sponsor of the 9th annual pheasant hunt at Smith’s Pheasant Crest in Oxford, WI. The day began with the volunteers meeting with Wayne and Robin Smith, owners of Smith’s Pheasant Crest and coordinators of the event.

Hunters were checked in and sent to the trap range where Chapter BadgerlandDisabledTravisAllen8members/ DNR Hunter Safety Instructors Ken Heim, Ray Anderson, Bill Hilgers and Scott Young evaluated the hunters’ shotgun needs to ensure they were ready for wingshooting. To go afield, a special hydraulic lift seated the hunters in a quad. They were then strapped in and driven to their hunting areas. Chapter member Dan Jackson was one of the volunteer drivers for the quads loaned by area BadgerlandDisabledLoading-Travis-Allen6dealers Johnson Sales, Statz & Sons and Quam’s Motorsports. I wasn’t trusted to drive, so I did photos and the story.

All the hunters were treated to a four-bird hunt. Most of the hunts were full free chase using well-trained pointers. When a dog went on point, the UTV driver got the hunter in position and the bird Badgerland-Disabled-Ivan-Gehl4was flushed. Some hunted with the help of bird launchers donated by SCI Badgerland, which gave hunters more time to get set and a better idea of where the bird was going. These launchers helped several of the hunters harvest their first birds ever, or in many years.

We were pleased to accommodate four disabled United States veterans for the hunt this year. Two vets and BadgerlandDale-Nelson-unloading2several other hunters have hunted with us in prior years. We are pleased to help them for this unique annual event.

After the hunt, there were a lot of stories told. Their birds were cleaned and bagged for their ride home by 14-year-old Cheyanne Smith. Lunch was served, during which everyone could reminisce about his or her hunt experiences.

BadgerlandDisabledJeff-Pagel-5Special thanks to all of the individual volunteers–Dan Jackson and Kim Kelly for helping Robin with the meal, and everyone else who helped–the list is quite long. Our SCI Badgerland Chapter was excited to again be part of this opportunity at Smith’s Pheasant Crest Hunting Preserve. This endorsement is deserved because Wayne and Robin do this event as BadgerlandDisabled-HuntersVolunteers7not-for-profit. Beyond the expenses, all income is reserved for next year’s event.

Smith’s Pheasant Crest is centrally located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Prairie belt, four miles south of Oxford, WI, on County A. They offer a wonderful mix of prairie, brush and drainage fields to provide a challenging pheasant hunt under all conditions. They offer easy walking native cover such as grain sorghum tracks, marsh for tougher hunting and standing corn strips. They will set every hunt to the needs of the hunter. They also offer dog field training for pups. Trap is offered to warm up and they have a new bird-cleaning house for after the hunt.–Alan Heth