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Kobs And Lechwes- The Beauty is in the Curve

Our SCI record book is a great reference for both desk and field. It does an excellent job of “organizing” the bewildering array of Africa’s hundred-plus species, subspecies and races of antelopes into understandable groupings. One such grouping is the family of “waterbuck, lechwe, kob, puku and reedbuck,” taxonomically the antelope subfamily Reduncinae. Although this large group varies tremendously in size and color, there are obvious shared features: All are creatures primarily of wetlands or well-watered grasslands. Only the males have horns; the horns are heavily ringed and generally have a forward curve, although with kobs and lechwes, this may be only in the uppermost portion of the horns. Continue reading Kobs And Lechwes- The Beauty is in the Curve