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African Hunting Among the Thongas

An Armchair Safari in Mozambique with George Chamberlain

armchairsafariChamberlainFrom the very inception of our trip, lion rumors, lion stories, lion lore, and lion alarms had enlivened our days and nights. Reviewing the graduated steps that led up to a single successful encounter with the King of Beasts it is amazing to find out how much of the thrill of shooting dangerous game lied in the process of cumulative anticipation. I believe that nine out of 10 men are incapable of fear at the actual moment of danger but that the same proportion is consistently scared at Continue reading African Hunting Among the Thongas

Armchair Safari – Elephant Haunts

For Henry Faulkner, the search for Dr. Livingstone was mainly another opportunity to hunt along the untapped shores of Lake Malawi. Livingstone’s encounters with elephants had been dramatically recounted by Thomas Baines and Faulkner anticipated hunting thrills when he set out on his own expedition. Continue reading Armchair Safari – Elephant Haunts

Hunting Big Game With Dogs In Africa – An Armchair Safari with Er M. Shelley

Almost 100 years ago, Er Shelley was invited to join a group headed to Africa with Paul Rainey to trying training and hunting with dogs in Africa. The noted Newland & Tarlton organized the safari; George Outram was one of the professional hunters. The trip was a resounding success although there were many trials and tribulations at the start…the least of which was that, once on the trail, the dogs reached the lion or leopard first, the natives second and, well, the phrase, “Hurry, white man, here is the lion!” was often shouted excitedly as the white men came in third. The story that follows is about hunting man-eaters in Africa around the time of Col. Patterson’s Tsavo adventures. Continue reading Hunting Big Game With Dogs In Africa – An Armchair Safari with Er M. Shelley

Armchair Safari – Hunting White Rhino And Elephant In Uganda

armchair-safari-kittenberger-cover-012017Kalman Kittenberger was an adventure-loving Hungarian who came to East Africa in 1903 to collect big game for the Hungarian Museum, and he continued hunting there until 1926. His book, Big Game Hunting and Collecting in East Africa, 1903-1926 is a classic, and still very much appreciated today. In this article, he hunts for white rhino and elephant in the West Nile Province. Continue reading Armchair Safari – Hunting White Rhino And Elephant In Uganda