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Hunting Trophies In The Time Of The Virus

Disclaimer: I had been feeling like dog-poop. There. I’ve said it!

The news each day has more doom and gloom than the day before and it just keeps coming. Continue reading Hunting Trophies In The Time Of The Virus

Big Game Hunting Boom

KUIUBlog-imageDespite the uproar and moral indignation directed at hunting recently, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, “trophy” hunting is enjoying a resurgence of popularity with guided hunts booked up two or three years in advance. Continue reading Big Game Hunting Boom

Trophies—What’s Taking So Long?

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Mike-Boyce-headshotWhen will my trophies arrive from Africa? This time gap causes frustration and risk and is getting longer.

What’s causing the problem? Continue reading Trophies—What’s Taking So Long?

Key Trophy Concerns – Sales, Donations and Trafficking

capebuffalohnt4evr010814Join Willam Woody, Chief of the Law Enforcement Office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and SCI legal expert Anna Seidman  at the 2014 annual SCI Convention to discuss frequently asked questions concerning trophy ownership and transfer, such as, “Can I sell my African trophy after importing it into the U.S.?”, “Can I donate my father’s trophies to a museum?”, “Can I sell a trophy taken before the Endangered Species Act was passed?”, “Can I transfer my domestic trophy between states?”, “What impact will the President’s recent Anti-Trafficking Executive Order have on my ability to sell or donate trophies taken abroad?”