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Shotgun Tips – Trying To Do The Same Thing

Accepting the variability swing to swing and shot to shot was a huge understanding for me as a shooter and as a coach! Knowing that I can’t make the same perfect move mount and shot every time I call pull, allows for me to let my subconscious take care of set up and when and how the mount is completed. This keeps it out of my visualization and does not allow for it to clutter it up with things that don’t need to be there. Continue reading Shotgun Tips – Trying To Do The Same Thing

Should Hunters Train?


Tim Fallon and Doug Pritchard will conduct this informative seminar at the 2014 SCI Annual Convention in Las Vegas to point out the importance of training for that once in a lifetime shot.

Hunting is exciting and rewarding – when it goes well!  But, when we attempt shots beyond our capabilities or go on a hunt we are not prepared for, it can become frustrating, expensive and DANGEROUS!  As hunters we are also conservationists, we owe it to our quarry to make one “shot-instant” kills.

See exciting video footage of great and not-so-great shots, as well many thought-provoking slides and video of good reasons why training for hunters is a good idea, and a great way to help you stay safe and get more from your hunts!



Interactive Training Software from Gaston J. Glock



New groundbreaking training software from GASTON J. GLOCK Style, has just been released that is specifically built to improve eye and brain coordination for the shooting sports market. The GASTON E & B training offers a simple, game-like training platform to enhance visual acuity when participating in shooting sports. The newly developed software is designed with a wide variety of tasks for everyone, regardless of age, proficiency level.

Trainers, ophthalmologists and psychotherapists have been consulted for their technical expertise and instruction for the information, exercises and experiments that compose the GASTON E & B training platform.

The GASTON E&B training is available for download or on a USB flash drive. System requirements are Windows XP or a newer operating system, 8 GB of free disk space to operate and a connection to the internet during license registration (afterward the software can be used without internet connection.) Developed for ages 10 and up. Cost $20.00 for the download version and $25.00 for the USB flash drive version.