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SCI Top Ten Pronghorn

A truly North American native species, the pronghorn is the sole survivor of a prehistoric group of ungulates that populated North America as long a 2 million years ago. The pronghorn was here before other game animals and humans crossed the Bering land bridge. The pronghorn is fast, able to achieve speeds of up to 60mph and able to maintain speeds of 40 to 50 mph for several miles. While it doesn’t take cover, it is constantly on the alert and stealth and patience is vital to get within shooting range especially when hunting with muzzleloaders or bow.

Here are the current Top Ten Pronghorn from the SCI Record Book.

SCI Top Ten African Leopard

Leopard! The mere mention of this big cat conjures up the image of the master of stealth, the terror of the night. While the lion is certainly bigger and a dangerous prey to be sure, the leopard’s stalking skills, nocturnal habits and unpredictable nature make it a force to be reckoned with. Here are the top ten leopards as recorded in the SCI Record Book. Enjoy!