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Hunting Euro Style

huntingeurostylehornWhen you compare the way we hunt here in the States to the way they do it in Europe, it’s almost like we’re living on different planets. How can that be? I mean, hunting is hunting, no? How can the way they do it be so different from the way we do it? Well, it’s not so much the way they hunt — though there are definite differences; it’s more the tradition and ceremony with which they do it.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to hunt in Europe many times — Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Spain, Germany, Continue reading Hunting Euro Style

SCI Record Book Top Ten Eurasian Boar

Whether you’re experiencing a traditional European driven hunt or a classic spot and stalk, the Eurasian Boar is a formidable quarry. Heavy boned and low to the ground these animals can weigh up to 400lbs with some boars recorded at nearly 700lbs. While their eyesight is only fair, their sense of smell and excellent hearing make them wary and alert.  Add in their speed and razor sharp tusks, and you have pulse pounding challenge for any hunter. Here are the current Top Ten Eurasian Boars from the SCI Record Book.