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Hang Your Head – Decorating with Taxidermy

Hang-your-head-Leopard-012716Hunters are a proud lot. Proud of their skills, proud of their trophies and proud of the work and challenges it took to get them. The problem is that many trophy rooms end up a hodge-podge of trophies hanging with no theme or purpose.

When I met my husband over two decades ago, he was a hunter and I was not. With the mounts he brought to our new home, I knew the decorating would be a challenge. Fast forward and here we are with over 60 mounts adorning our walls in our Scottsdale home.

Here is what I’ve learned:

– Don’t crowd the mounts all together. Their individual beauty will be lost.

– Hang em’ high. Having an antler poke someone in the eye is probably not a good idea.

– Paint the wall a warm taupe color. Stark white or a dark color does not provide a good contrast or backdrop for your beautiful trophy.

Hang-your-head-African-wall-012716– Great lighting is essential. Think track, spots and indirect lighting. Dimmer switches are your friend.

– Keep them dusted. Having spider condos building behind the ears or fins is not a great reason to have people notice your hard work.

Here are some ideas from our home . . .

We painted a muted mountain range on the wall in the pot shelf. Then decided to give the scene more depth by placing Styrofoam blocks on the floor of the pot shelf out of sight and stuck dried flowers and grasses around. (The old Diorama!) The florescent lighting is on the floor of the shelf as well. Track lighting highlights the Desert Big Horn sheep. Our taxidermist placed the Mountain Lion on a plastic rock and did the same with the sheep mount. There was another deer behind the sheep, but it was way too crowded so we had to find him a new home.

Hang-your-head-Sheep-and-Mountain-Lion-012716Notice the track lighting on the ceiling at the top of the picture. Prior to that installation, the animals looked like they were hiding in a cave. Notice there a couple of birds on the tables to break up the African theme and the Black Bear from British Columbia. The Zebra rug was the final touch in this room.

Below, this very special mount deserved a space all her own. The very clever taxidermist positioned the Leopard lounging on a tree branch. One spot light on it’s own track highlights this beauty. Taupe walls provide the appropriate contrast for my favorite hunt.

Hang your head and do it proudly. Solve the problem by paying just a little attention will make your story of the hunt come alive. –Marsha Petrie Sue, Chair Women’s Outdoor Media Assn.


Trophies—What’s Taking So Long?

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Mike-Boyce-headshotWhen will my trophies arrive from Africa? This time gap causes frustration and risk and is getting longer.

What’s causing the problem? Continue reading Trophies—What’s Taking So Long?

Trophy Preparation


Join us at the 2014 SCI Convention for this important seminar that will help you preserve that once in a lifetime trophy.

Your trophy is down, the photos are taken and the journey to preserving precious memories begins with the first strategic cut of a sharp knife.  Please join us for a comprehensive learning experience with leaders of the oldest organization that safeguards the entire industry of wildlife artists, the National Taxidermists Association. 

On-hand will be the star of the highly acclaimed TV show, Mounted in Alaska, NTA board member Russell Knight, owner of the most successful taxidermy studio in the Northwest.  Russell will be accompanied by NTA President, John Janelli, one of the most sought-after authorities of historical taxidermy.  Together, they will guide you step-by-step, from white salt through red tape, to ensure you know exactly what to do in giving perfectly handled skins to your taxidermist.



Washington Taxidermist Rebuilding After Devastating Fire


Olympia Washington-based taxidermist Alden Johnson is sifting through the rubble and making plans to rebuild after an early morning fire on Dec. 5 destroyed his shop. According to the Olympian, neighbors called 911 at 4:30 a.m. to report the blaze. When firefighters arrived the building and a work truck parked next to the building were already fully involved. Two additional crews were called in to assist at the scene. While the fire destroyed the vehicle and the building, no injuries were reported. Anyone wishing to assist can donate here: https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/khl3/rebuild-alden-s-taxidermy

For inquiries regarding the status of trophies or for more information on lost inventory, please use this contact form http://aldenstaxidermy.com/contact.html until the phone service has been restored. Updates can be found at their website