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New Remington 700 American Wilderness Rifle

Every year we see new models of the Remington 700 introduced, most of which are simply variations (called “line extensions” in industry parlance), of this iconic rifle that’s been with us since 1962. To be honest, many of these so-called “new” guns differ from existing models only in stock design, composition or color. I can’t tell you how many versions of the 700 have passed through these hands, but it’s got to be close to a hundred. Continue reading New Remington 700 American Wilderness Rifle


The Twice-Shot Buck

Have you ever had game in your sights, then having pulled the trigger, would have bet the farm that it had been a perfect shot? Of course you have. Anyone who’s done a fair amount of hunting has experienced that feeling. The majority of times such confidence is justified, and the quarry drops either in its tracks or within a sand Continue reading The Twice-Shot Buck

Perfecting Zero

Is there an ideal range for zeroing-in a rifle? Of course there is, but it obviously depends on the cartridge in question. I mean, you don’t buy a .450 Marlin with the idea of posting yourself on a stand where the average shot is 300 yards. Conversely, you don’t zero-in a 7mm Ultra Mag to print dead-on at 100 yards. Continue reading Perfecting Zero

Hear What You’ve Been Missing – SportEAR Ghost Stryke

sundraremnesikariflehuntforever021214If there is one item we hunters and shooters should consider indispensable it’s hearing protection. If you’re like me — and if you’ve done any amount of hunting and shooting you are — you’ve lost some of your hearing. Me, I’ve lost about 35 percent in my right ear (I shoot right handed), and about 25 percent in my left. Continue reading Hear What You’ve Been Missing – SportEAR Ghost Stryke