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SigSauer Ammo

In case you haven’t noticed, SigSauer is becoming a real player in the ammunition field. Like so many companies with European origins that go back centuries, the current American-based SigSauer, Inc. represents the Swiss firm, SIG, and the German firm, J.P. Sauer, both of whom have a long history of firearms manufacturing. Continue reading SigSauer Ammo

The Allure Of Straight-Pull Bolt Actions

I have always been fascinated with straight-pull bolt-actions. I’m talking rifles like the Blaser R8, the Merkel Rx Helix and the Heym SR-30, German guns all. I’m not sure why these guns are so popular there and in other parts of the world, but they’re not here. Continue reading The Allure Of Straight-Pull Bolt Actions

6.5 Mania

Am I the only one suffering from 6.5 overload? If you haven’t heard by now, Weatherby has introduced another 6.5mm cartridge — the 6.5 RPM (Rebated Precision Magnum), along with a new Titanium iteration of its excellent Mark V standard size action. I say another because just two years ago they introduced the 6.5-300 Weatherby Continue reading 6.5 Mania

Fat Bolt Fever

In case you haven’t noticed, most of the new bolt action centerfire rifles introduced over the last decade or so have embraced the “fat bolt” tri-lug design. I’m talking not only domestic manufacturers, but European makers as well. In fact, in recent years we’ve seen 15 such Continue reading Fat Bolt Fever