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New Spanish Professional Hunters’ Association

Thanks to the work and collaboration of the oldest and most successful hunting companies in the Spanish hunting industry, the APTCE (Spanish professional hunters association) has been created. The association officially launched during SCI’s 2019 convention in Reno, Nevada.

“It’s here to stay; an association open to all those who share a philosophy based on conservation and ethical values,” said Álvaro Villegas, spokesperson for the association’s communication committee.

The Association main goals can be summarized as follows:

  • Promote ethical hunting values; APTCE advocates for wildlife conservation through sustainable hunting
  • Enhancement of endemic habitats; APTCE is committed to the maintenance of fauna and flora landscapes
  • Economic activation of unpopulated regions; APTCE is dedicated to sustaining Spain’s national, cultural and historical heritage
  • Benefit future generations; APTCE is devoted to educating the next generation, encouraging values beneficial to the environment and aligned with current global standards

More information can be found at www.spanishprofessionalhunters.com.

Spanish Professional Hunters Association Debuts At SCI Convention

The 2019 SCI Convention saw the emergence of a new professional hunters association.

The Spanish Professional Hunters Association made its first appearance at the convention to gain some exposure to the world of the international hunter.

According to founder Alvaro Villegas, The Spanish Professional Hunters Association’s mission is to:

  • Promote ethical hunting and advocate wildlife conservation through sustainable hunting.
  • Enhance natural habitats to maintain and preserve wild areas.
  • Activate the economies of less populated regions while maintaining national, cultural and historical heritage.
  • Develop and maintain educational programs to encourage future generations to continue the stewardship of wildlife and wild lands in perpetuity.