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The Best Place To Hunt Ibex?

ibex-4-112612Outside our world the word “ibex” is probably most often encountered in crossword puzzles. We hunters know there are at least a baker’s dozen of these long-horned goats scattered across Europe, Asia and North Africa…more if you include hybrids and turs. The Nubian ibex, bridging from North Africa to Southwest Asia, is almost impossible to hunt right now, but the European and Asian varieties are all available. Continue reading The Best Place To Hunt Ibex?


King of the Mountain

gredosibexFour species of Ibex live in Spain: the southeastern, Rhonda, Beceite, and the largest horned, the Gredos (capra pyrennica victoriae).  It was the big brother of the group I was after, as I had taken a very nice Beceite ibex just two years before, starting my quest for the Spanish ibex slam. Continue reading King of the Mountain

Spanish Ibex With Bow


José María Catresana, Past-President of the SCI Balearean Chapter, recently took up bowhunting and finds Spanish ibex particularly challenging. By walking very slowly, quietly and watching the wind, Catresana arrowed this one at 16 yards.