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Safari Club Interview With Jaguar Expert Rocky McBride

Could trophy jaguar hunting be coming to Paraguay? Big cat expert Rocky McBride takes his case to Washington D.C. in hopes of making that a reality. “Green Hunting” of jaguars is permitted in Paraguay, but science, conservation and predator control are factors that could open the doors to larger scale hunting of this spectacular cat. In his latest “Conservation Conservation” SCI’s Marc Watts and Rocky McBride discuss the current state of jaguar hunting.


The South American Project

HS Precision handgun.
The H-S Precision is one of the most accurate handguns available today. Topped with a Leupold scope, this pistol makes an ideal hunting handgun.

As the cold, brisk wind ripped the wrinkles from my frozen face, Gonzalo placed the backpack on a large boulder and asked, “Can you see them?” Heck no I couldn’t see them; I couldn’t even see the gun resting on the pack! The strong gusting winds had Continue reading The South American Project

2013 Convention Seminar–South American Opportunities

Munyan-South-America113012What: Exciting Hunting Opportunities in South America
Speaker: Leon Munyan
Where: 2013 SCI Convention, Reno
The Record Book Committee has made significant changes in the South America Record Book. Now, we would like to promote the variety of hunt types and locations in South America. We start the presentation with the regulations, airlines, shipping, and rules, etc. We have three of the best outfitters in South America lined up with a PowerPoint presentation on the options available in South America. (These are generic, not outfitter-specific promotions.)

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Trophy Measuring Training In Argentina

Herb Atkinson, Chariman SCI Record Book and World Hunting Awards Committee, describes SCI’s recent training session in Buenos Aires, Argentina.