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Is Your Hunting Sling Comfortable?

leather-sling-101812A comfortable rifle sling will help you stay afield longer, and reduces upper body fatigue. With the onset of hunting seasons around the country, now is the time to check each piece of hunting gear to make sure it is in tip-top shape, and that includes your rifle sling. Having a comfortable, safe sling as you head out this season provides confidence and security that your firearm will stay in place as you chase your trophy even over the most rugged terrain.

An uncomfortable or slipping firearm can make for a less than ideal hunt. Vero Vellini’s “Air Cushion” concept sandwiches neoprene and other natural and synthetic material into the sling to create an almost weightless feeling when carrying a firearm. Hunters around the world have called it “the most comfortable sling.” It also boasts perhaps the most slip-proof design available from the use of a unique, highly durable rubber backing that absolutely stays put on the shoulder in all climates and conditions.

vero-velini-comfortable-sling-101812Vero Vellini slings are crafted in Germany and available in a variety of colors and sizes that accommodate virtually any firearm. New premium leather slings and automatic retractable slings have been added to the line. All synthetic slings are available in black and earth-tone colors, and there are camouflage patterns for those who desire complete concealment. Blaze orange is also available for those who need additional safety color showing. Price ranges from $24.99 to $159.99 and can be purchased from your dealer or online at www.gunslingsdirect.com. Vero Vellini also manufactures quality fast-access cartridge cases and straps for binoculars and cameras.


Gel Sling Comfort

Butler-Creek-Air-SlingThis year, Butler Creek introduced a new sling that’s reported to be one of the most comfortable rifle and shotgun slings on the market. The new Gel Sling from Butler Creek features an exclusive gel technology that provides added comfort and stability in the field.

Designed with a soft gel material that is contained throughout the sling in individual compression chambers, the Gel Sling evenly distributes the weight of the firearm for a more comfortable carrying experience. The patented gel coil technology is lightweight and provides an added layer of cushioning, making it an ideal material for long-lasting comfort in the field.

In addition to added comfort in the field, the Gel Sling improves firearm stability. The columnar design of the gel material helps keep the firearm in place while walking or hiking the field. After a long, demanding hunt, hunters will count the Gel Sling among their most valued hunting gear.

The Butler Creek Gel Sling is available in either black or Realtree AP camouflage and includes Uncle Mike’s swivels. The sling has an MSRP of $41.95.