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Shotgun 101 – Driven Shooting Challenges

Every year we configure our training area to accommodate shooters who are going on driven shoots around the world.  Whether in the UK for pheasants, partridge or grouse or in Africa or South America on passing doves or pigeons, the incoming presentation offers its own special list of challenges that, when understood, empower the shooter to become more consistent and successful.  Continue reading Shotgun 101 – Driven Shooting Challenges

Join The Ultimate Private Outdoor Lifestyle Club

Wing & Barrel Ranch members have access to 24 hunting fields spread across nearly 1,000 acres of upland bird hunting fields. The ultimate shooting club offers seasonal pheasant, chukar and quail hunting from October to April, with access to club dogs and handlers for an unparalleled hunting experience. The Vintners Shooting Continue reading Join The Ultimate Private Outdoor Lifestyle Club

Game Changer

Looking at the differences in big game hunting and wingshooting and discussing them on a quail hunt recently at the 74 Ranch, something came out in the discussion that intrigued me to say the least.  The equipment has certainly evolved in the past 5 to 10 years in archery, long-range rifle and even pistols in the big game part of the arena.  I was privileged to know and photograph the late, great archer Fred Bear who shot a recurve bow with great accuracy, but today we have compound bows with sights that are much more accurate than even Fred was in his day!  Continue reading Game Changer

The Evolution Of Focus

Do you want to get better at sporting clays so you won’t be so embarrassed when attending a charity shoot? Do you want to get better at wingshooting because the last dove hunt you went on it took you seven boxes to harvest 15 doves?  Well, everybody wants to get better and getting better means becoming more consistent and able to self-correct.  Continue reading The Evolution Of Focus