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The Improvement Journey

For the past four years on our podcasts, we have been discussing how you can bring your game to new levels.  When you understand that you have to build your own game and that you cannot use anyone else’s game, it pretty much puts things in perspective! Continue reading The Improvement Journey

There Are Doves Here Too!

At this writing, Vicki and I have just returned from Argentina coaching shooters on doves and pigeons, which, if you have never done, you should do at least once.  We will be in Bolivia between now and September 1 coaching on doves and pigeons in the same lodge. If any of you are thinking about making a trip like this, give us a call and go with us and we will coach you in the field and you will get better!  Continue reading There Are Doves Here Too!

Getting Better at Incoming/Passing Birds

If you have taken to heart the practice drills we’ve covered on flushing or outgoing birds, then the jump to the incoming birds will not be that difficult. When doing clinics on incoming shots, we separate the incoming bird into two categories — passing or decoying. These can be any bird except the flushing species such as quail, grouse or woodcock, which typically flush and then get back on the ground and “run like the dickens” to get away! Continue reading Getting Better at Incoming/Passing Birds

Pre-Hunt Preparation For Shooting Flushing Birds

Just as there are many things that need to be done before a hunt for big game, there are several that should be done before a wingshooting safari. To illustrate several of them, we will compare the differences with rifle shooting or shooting a bow. Continue reading Pre-Hunt Preparation For Shooting Flushing Birds