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The Improvement Journey

For the past four years on our podcasts, we have been discussing how you can bring your game to new levels.  When you understand that you have to build your own game and that you cannot use anyone else’s game, it pretty much puts things in perspective! Continue reading The Improvement Journey

There Are Doves Here Too!

At this writing, Vicki and I have just returned from Argentina coaching shooters on doves and pigeons, which, if you have never done, you should do at least once.  We will be in Bolivia between now and September 1 coaching on doves and pigeons in the same lodge. If any of you are thinking about making a trip like this, give us a call and go with us and we will coach you in the field and you will get better!  Continue reading There Are Doves Here Too!

Shotgun Tips – It’s A Choice!

“When shooting a moving target, you have one of two choices it is either here it comes or there it goes,” — Brian Ash

You are either anticipating the target’s arrival or you are reacting to what the target is doing!  When you are anticipating the target’s arrival you are in control and already ahead of the target. But when you are reacting to the target, you are reacting to where the target is and inevitably will find yourself behind, even if you are ahead.  Continue reading Shotgun Tips – It’s A Choice!


The ShotKam is a lightweight video camera that attaches under your barrel and videotapes your shot and where your barrel is pointing during the swing and shot.

Serious shotgunners are probably familiar with SCI’s resident expert coaches Gil and Vicki Ash and how much a clever device called a ShotKam influences their teachings. The ShotKam is a lightweight video camera that attaches Continue reading ShotKam3