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Back To School!

The other day my old friend Bob Boutang called me with some questions for a Masters thesis he’s working on. Bob’s a retired conservation officer, a bit older than I am. It probably doesn’t speak well of me, but the last thing in the world I ever wanted to do was go back to school! And I never did, at least not in the formal sense. However, one thing I’ve learned: Never say “never.” Continue reading Back To School!

SCI San Diego Chapter Supports Boy Scouts Shooting Sports Days

In May and November each year, Shooting Sports Days are held at the Boy Scouts San Diego-Imperial Council’s Camp Mataguay.  For the past several years, the San Diego Chapter has provided ammunition and supplies. There were 231 registered attendees at the May 2017 Shooting Sports Day.

After a thorough teaching in firearm safety, the Scouts are free to visit the multiple available ranges for instruction in the proper operation of firearms and marksmanship, all under the close supervision of adult Certified Range Safety Officers.

Through this program, the San Diego SCI Chapter is proud to introduce youth to the shooting sports and the safe handling of firearms. The Scouts always enjoy the events.

FTW’s Hunter Training Course

The Sportman’s All Weather All Terrain Marksmanship (SAAM) Courses at FTW Ranch in Texas covers everything from sharpening precision skills and safari scenarios, to basic rifle handling and muzzle awareness. Knock off some of the rust and tune up for your next big hunt.