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War in the Woods with Marijuana Cartels

NORESJohnhnt4evrblog111513Don’t miss this important seminar at the 2014 SCI Convention! These issues potentially affect everyone who spends any time in the outdoors. Lt. John Nores and Warden Karnow will conduct a PowerPoint presentation and discussion based on California Game Warden’s special operations missions of Lt. Nores’s book, “War in the Woods”, highlighting the public safety dangers and wildlife resource destruction related to Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) marijuana cultivation throughout America’s public and private hunting lands.

Nores and Karnow will walk the audience through a recent Department of Fish and Wildlife Silicon Valley marijuana cartel kingpin take-down case from start to finish, highlighting the related environmental crime and wildlife destruction of the case.

The team will also highlight August 2013’s OPERATION PRISTINE (the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Special Operations merger with the US Army and Air Force Helicopter Counter Drug teams), the first-ever, month-long, statewide anti-cartel mission involving the military’s Special Ops forces and game wardens, exclusively.  Nores and Karnow will highlight the benefits of operations like PRISTINE to sportsmen and conservation officers across the country.  Attendees will learn how programs like PRISTINE helps to stop the poisoning of quality waterways and the destruction of wildlife habitat, while also focusing on the assistance to the conservation community by protecting these resources for the general public, as well as for the current and future generation of hunters.



Planning and Designing Your Trophy Room with Tom Julian

Tom Julian
Tom Julian


This informative seminar will feature the practical aspects of designing and building a space to present your outdoor and hunting lifestyle.  Discussion will be from a builders’ standpoint, focusing on the necessary structural, mechanical and aesthetic aspects to make your trophy room a functional part of your home.




Understanding and Utilizing Scent

Rex Holmes


Rex Holmes knows the key to getting past the excellent noses of deer and other animals is learning how they disperse, interpret and use scent.  A deer has three primary defense mechanisms that he uses for survival – sight, hearing and most importantly, smell.  Until now, smell has been the least understood and most difficult to fool.  Gain knowledge and techniques that will revolutionize how you use scent to your advantage.  Learn how scent-control technology becomes your secret weapon, optimizing your hunting experience.

Hunters will also learn that the myth of ‘hunting the wind’ no longer applies with todays’ scent science and technology.  Holmes believes strongly in practicing all-natural ways of scent elimination and offers great advice on the topic.


Hunter Survival with Darrell Holland

Darrell Holland
Darrell Holland



Lost, injured, or just a bit bewildered? Every year, hundreds of hunters are lost or injured while hunting.

Don’t be a statistic! Darrell Holland brings valuable skills to the 2014 SCI Convention, providing you with information to survive almost any situation in the great outdoors.

Topics will include hypothermia prevention, first aid tips, what to have in your day-pack, and what to leave behind. Learn the most important survival skill you can possess, allowing you to remain in the gene pool!

This is a must-attend seminar for anyone who leaves the comfort of their truck or camp in search of big game! Handouts for all who attend.