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SCI Top Ten Pronghorn

A truly North American native species, the pronghorn is the sole survivor of a prehistoric group of ungulates that populated North America as long a 2 million years ago. The pronghorn was here before other game animals and humans crossed the Bering land bridge. The pronghorn is fast, able to achieve speeds of up to 60mph and able to maintain speeds of 40 to 50 mph for several miles. While it doesn’t take cover, it is constantly on the alert and stealth and patience is vital to get within shooting range especially when hunting with muzzleloaders or bow.

Here are the current Top Ten Pronghorn from the SCI Record Book.

SCI Record Book Top Ten Southern Impala

The Southern Impala, like most of the impala species is noted for its speed and agility, traits that make hunting them a bit more challenging than some of the other African plains game. From Angola to Zimbabwe, the Southern Impala currently enjoys strong population numbers, making them a must have on any safari hunters list, and with over 4,000 entries in the SCI Record Book, one of the most popular species for the modern trophy hunter. Here are the top ten Southern Impala as currently recorded in the SCI Record Book.

The #4 Southern Impala was taken by Lawrence Wolfgram in 2003 in Thabazimbi R.S.A. with Mbalabala Safaris. It measured 68 4/8″. Unfortunately there is no image of this impala.

Top Ten Gredos Ibex

The Gredos Ibex is one of the most coveted trophies of the mountain regions of Spain. They are the largest of the Spanish Ibex with the biggest horns. These traits coupled with the difficult terrain of their habitat make these majestic animals a must for any mountain hunters bucket list. Here are the top ten from the SCI Record Book.

Top Ten African Elephant

When thoughts turn to hunting Africa, one of the indisputable images that comes to mind is invariably one of a charging elephant with ears flaring and trumpeting his rage at being disturbed. While the lion has been called the king of beasts, it is the elephant that rules the African veldt. Modern management techniques and sound biological science, keep populations in many African nations at huntable numbers, but poaching and well intentioned mismanagement still pose a threat. Here are the SCI Record Book Top Ten African Elephant entries.