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Bow Shooting – Beginner to Expert

Dave Holt, author of Balanced Bowhunting and Balanced Bowhunting II, presents a must-see seminar for bowhunters and shooters of all skill levels. He is also one of the world’s most Continue reading Bow Shooting – Beginner to Expert

Best of the .30s

Dr. Wayne van Zwoll has used and written about 30-caliber rifles for 40 years. Hear their history, hunters who used them, tales from record books, Wayne’s picks in rifles and loads, which .30s are oversold and which under-rated. Learn why the .30s are America’s favorite for deer, elk, hunts at home and abroad and how to get the most from yours. This seminar will be full of details you won’t find elsewhere! Register today!

Keep Calm and Carry On Hunting

marina-lamprechtThis New seminar will give you new a new perspective and thoughtful and logical arguments for the sustainable hunting conservation model.

Arm yourself with the facts – learn to be pro-active in explaining the many ecological, social, and financial benefits of sport hunting. Most people are neutral on hunting, but no longer understand it and often have preconceived and incorrect views about what we do. Here’s how to engage non-hunters in diplomatic, calm and factual discussions of the modern reality of hunting.

Sustainable, selective, ethical trophy hunting is the most powerful wildlife conservation tool of our time. The facts and science are on our side – here’s why! Hurry and register for this important seminar while there are still openings available!


The Wingshooter’s World with Marty Fischer

MartyFischerwingshootinghnt4evr120413For more than three decades, professional wingshooter Marty Fischer has traveled the world in search of the very best wingshooting destinations. And when he’s not chasing birds around the globe, he is Continue reading The Wingshooter’s World with Marty Fischer