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More Deer In Mexico!

Our various deer are North America’s most widespread and numerous big-game animals, so it follows that deer hunting is the most popular pursuit among American hunters. In fact, we have at least 10 million deer hunters on this continent — the largest hunting culture on the face of this earth. We SCI members who frequently travel to hunt are a bit different from many. In fact, the majority of American hunters pursue game close to home. That means the white-tailed deer, some 35 million strong, are the most popular game on this continent (and in the world). But exactly which Continue reading More Deer In Mexico!


“Too Bag” – Whitetail Hunt with Flintlocks

Deer feedingIn nearly five decades of hunting deer I’ve had the good fortune to hunt ten or more Midwestern states; but I’ve never found bigger, heavier racked whitetail bucks than those at Dakota Outfitters in eastern Ohio. Ohio Continue reading “Too Bag” – Whitetail Hunt with Flintlocks

Top 10 Bow & Arrow Whitetail

Click on any image to enjoy this gallery of some of the Top 10 SCI Record Book bow & arrow whitetails from across the country.