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Chewore Leopard

Getting ready for an evening of bush TV.

“He’s here,” whispered professional hunter Rex Hoets. “He’s sitting at the base of the tree; a big male. Take him when you are ready.”

I slowly stood up from the canvas camp chair I had Continue reading Chewore Leopard

Hunting the Hunter

Editor’s Note: On Fridays we dig through the Safari Club archives and dust off a story from the past. Today we follow a hunter and his crew as the search the thick and tangled underbrush for leopard. This story first appeared in the Jan./Feb. 1998 issue of Safari Magazine.

The author (l) and his hard-won leopard. PH Findlay-Cooper is on the right.
The author (l) and his hard-won leopard. PH Findlay-Cooper is on the right.

The light tap on my shoulder startled me at first. As I looked to my right, the animation in the tracker’s face told me that something was about to happen. I looked in the direction of his pointing finger and quickly realized the source of his excitement. Eighty yards ahead, directly under the tree where we had hung an eland quarter, stood a magnificent male leopard. With just seconds to shoot, I raised the .338 Winchester Magnum to my shoulder and fired an off-hand shot. Continue reading Hunting the Hunter

SCI Top Ten African Leopard

Leopard! The mere mention of this big cat conjures up the image of the master of stealth, the terror of the night. While the lion is certainly bigger and a dangerous prey to be sure, the leopard’s stalking skills, nocturnal habits and unpredictable nature make it a force to be reckoned with. Here are the top ten leopards as recorded in the SCI Record Book. Enjoy!



The Right Leopard

huntforeverrightleopardNamibia2006070314Hunting “Old Spots” has changed!

It is impossible to properly count wild leopards, but estimates range from a low of nearly 700,000 to as high as two million. Either way, there are a lot of leopards. The sport-hunted harvest is not significant and clearly sustainable, and I believe there are a lot more leopards today than when I started hunting in Africa. Certainly this is absolutely true in Namibia and South Africa! With more leopards, I also believe leopard hunting is better than it used to be—but it has changed quite a bit. Continue reading The Right Leopard