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Two New Potential Top Ten Southeastern White-Tailed Deer

The Record Book Department would like to congratulate two hunters from Tennessee for harvesting two potential Top Ten Southeastern white-tailed deer during the 2016 fall hunting season in Sumner County, Tennessee! Continue reading Two New Potential Top Ten Southeastern White-Tailed Deer


SCI Members Share Their Success!

SCI Members love to share their passion and successes with fellow hunters. Here are some of the most recent entries in the ever-expanding SCI Record Book.

Document your personal hunting history within the pages of the SCI Record Book!

SCI Members Share Their Successful Hunts

SCI Members are proud of their hunts and proud to share them with fellow members. Here are a few of the latest entries into the SCI Record Book.

SCI Members Share Their Hunt Successes

The SCI Record Book is a perfect way to document your adventures and provide a lasting legacy of your hunting heritage. Our members are constantly striving to reach for that next goal and share it with other SCI members. If you haven’t sent in an entry for your hunts, either current or past, there’s no better time than right now!