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SCI Members Add To Record Book

One of the many benefits of Safari Club International membership is access to the SCI Record Book. Not only do members add to the already expansive scientific database on species from around the world, but they are also documenting their hunting heritage as a legacy for generations to come. Here are a few of the most recent entries into the SCI Record Book. Congratulations to you all!

Alabama’s New World Record Alligator Unveiled

Alabama-alligator-group-2Who would have ever thought that the new World Record alligator would come from the state of Alabama? Most people would have guessed Louisiana or Florida, but those states had been harvesting alligators for many years before Continue reading Alabama’s New World Record Alligator Unveiled

SCI Record Book Top Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

It has been said that of all the world’s sheep, the Rocky Mountain bighorn-especially one with horns of trophy proportions-is by far the most difficult to collect. Surveys indicate that bighorn hunts have the lowest success ratios of all sheep hunts. There are compensations, however. To quote the late Jack O’Connor, “..the pursuit of the brown bighorn is the cream of mountain hunting. The old bighorn will lead the hunter into the most beautiful country he’s ever seen. He’ll wear him out, give him buck fever and break his heart; but if the hunter is the type that’s susceptible to sheep fever he’ll never be completely happy hunting anything else.”

Here are the top Rocky Mountain Bighorn from the SCI Record Book!


SCI Record Book Top Ten Mule Deer

While whitetail get all the press and the Coues in Arizona and Mexico are highly sought after, the Rocky Mountain mule deer tends to get lost in the shuffle. To help amend that, we have compiled a gallery of the Top Ten SCI Record Book Typical Free Range Rocky Mountain Mule Deer.