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The 325 Year Old Martini

The Nolet family outside their distillery in Schiedam, Holland (l. to r.): Carl, Jr., Carlolus, Sr., and Bob.

When it comes to vodka, chances are most SCI Members are familiar with the well-known, 100 percent winter wheat-based brand from Holland, Ketel One, named after the distillery’s original coal-fired pot still, Pot Still Number 1, or as it is more locally known, “Distilleerketel No. 1.” Since its introduction in 1993, Ketel One has become one of the best-selling vodkas in America. Continue reading The 325 Year Old Martini

Béla Hidvégi: Hunter, Renaissance man

Renaissance-man-Bela-Hidvegi(Author’s note: Béla Hidvégi is an SCI International Life Member and Honorary International Director from Hungary whose hunting heritage ranges from having to literally hunt for food after World War II by trying to snag pheasants with a pitchfork, to gifting his home country with extensive collections of species from around the world. Meeting him, I discovered someone steeled by adversity and inspired by his father who instilled in him perseverance, a strong work ethic and a love of the land that shaped Hidvégi into not only an exceptional hunter, but also an exceptional man.) Continue reading Béla Hidvégi: Hunter, Renaissance man

SCI Lifestyle: Richard C. Kessler—Inspiring Success

Richard C. Kessler
Richard C. Kessler

Richard C. Kessler is a Life member of SCI, among the most prominent of the club’s Patrons and someone who is blessed with both the vision to see something’s potential and the drive to make things happen. It’s that sort of success and can-do attitude that has taken Kessler from arguably modest beginnings to an iconic real estate developer who gets asked, “How do you do it?” by companies the likes of Disney. At the same time, Kessler generously pursues philanthropic endeavors that evoke the hopes of past generations and shares that which inspires his passion. Continue reading SCI Lifestyle: Richard C. Kessler—Inspiring Success