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New Record Book Entries – Free Range Red Deer

John O'Dell and his potential top ten Free Range Red Deer
John O’Dell and his potential top ten Free Range Red Deer

A Potential Top Ten (Bow) Free Range Red Deer submitted by John O’Dell. Scored a 325 3/8. Way to go John!

Hunting Company: Algar Safaris
Guide: Juan Grassini

Record Book & World Hunting Award Update

whitetailbuckhuntforever052114Effective June 1, 2014 photo entries of female animals will not be acceptable in the Record Book/World Hunting Award Department, except those females animals that carry measurable horns, skulls, or teeth such as scimitar horned oryx, African lion, or water deer. The only exception to this rule is for youth members under the age of sixteen. Youth members have the ability to submit both male and female species photo entries and they will be accepted. For all other members, photo entries of immature males will only be accepted at the discretion of the sub-chair on a case by case basis. The Record Book Rules and Procedures have been amended to reflect the new changes.