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Elk Hunting – The Bull Stops Here

Chad & Marsha Shearer
Chad & Marsha Schearer

World Champion elk caller, outfitter, guide and television host, Chad Schearer, will share tips and techniques for taking more and bigger bulls with attendees of the 2014 SCI Convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn the best areas to hunt, when to call and when to stay silent, how to apply for the best tags, how to choose an outfitter, or how to plan a do-it-yourself hunt.

But that’s not all! Chad will also discuss choosing the right gun, muzzleloader, bow, bullets, broadheads and more.


Capturing Your Personal Adventures on Video


Join Tim Schnell, from GSM Outdoors, at the 2014 Safari Club International Convention as he demonstrates how the use of Trail and Point of View camera technology has become an integral part of photographing wildlife and documenting the outdoor adventure experience.

Learn about proper camera positioning and mounting techniques to maximize your camera’s potential to best capture your personal adventures!

Bow Hunting Adventures with Tom Miranda


Join bowhunter, Tom Miranda, at the 2014 Safari Club International Convention as he reflects on 24 years of TV bowhunting. Miranda has taken the archery SUPER SLAM of North American Big Game on broadcast video, as well as much of Africa’s plains game and dangerous animals.

Tom will reflect on some of his most memorable TV hunts and present his thoughts on selecting top bowhunting areas and bow-friendly outfitters. Miranda hosted the longest running hunting series on ESPN and produces 7 outdoor programs, including his flagship series, “Territories Wild“; a diary of his bowhunting adventures, now seen on NBC Sports and Sportsman Channel.

Be Prepared! Ensure Success on Your Next Hunt



This seminar by Tim Brandt gives you the information you need to prepare for success. Look for it at the 2014 SCI Annual Convention.

The success or failure of a hunt is often determined long before you place an animal in your cross hairs.

Preparation and practice are paramount before any hunt, especially when traveling far from home.

In this seminar, we will discuss several variables to consider; from firearms, ammunition and optic selection, to travel logistics and outfitter interaction. The product knowledge of the speaker, as well as technical expertise and first-hand experiences, will help ensure your next hunt is the most successful and enjoyable yet.