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2016 SCI Convention

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SCI 2016 Convention Invitation

Safari Club International President Larry Higgins invites you to attend the 2016 SCI Convention and Ultimate Hunters’ Market®.

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How to Find and Shoot an Elk

DSC_8760_-Van-ZwollWayne van Zwoll has written books on elk hunting. His “Rifles and Cartridges” column is BUGLE magazine’s longest-running column, now at 24 years. Wayne has guided elk hunters to records-class bulls, and taken elk in all nine western “elk states.” A recognized firearms authority and student of the rifle, he has shot elk with 36 different cartridges! Share his most memorable hunts! Get valuable tips not only on rifles, loads and optics, but on DIY hunting tactics — and how to choose an outfitter. Learn how to find silent elk after rut, and shy bulls on heavily hunted public land. Dr. van Zwoll tells of his mistakes too, so you won’t make them. A “must” seminar for all elk hunters!

Awesome Auction Hunt

Auction Hunts, Wildebeest
Although perhaps not Africa’s most beautiful antelope, the blue wildebeest is big, tough, and iconic. Joel Thiesen’s smile says it all as he kneels with his first African animal, taken on an auction hunt donated to our 2015 convention by Barry Burchell’s Frontier Safaris.

SCI’s founder, C.J. McElroy, used to say that the only hunters he envied were those on their first African safari. The first African adventure is indeed a life-changing event! A safari is always wonderful, but although you may try many times, you will never quite recapture the excitement and Continue reading Awesome Auction Hunt