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2016 SCI Convention Promises Four Days of Pure Excitement

conv2auctiondeerhuntforever020714Fall hunting is in full swing for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and for those lucky enough to draw a tag or that have booked a hunt, I hope you’ve had your chance to harvest a monster buck, bull or ram. Continue reading 2016 SCI Convention Promises Four Days of Pure Excitement

SCI Auction features Dakota 76 Safari & African Rifles

Dakota 76 African in .416 Rigby
Dakota 76 African in .416 Rigby

Get in on the excitement of the SCI Auctions online! This year Remington Arms – Dakota Arms (The Freedom Group) has donated a Dakota 76 Safari Rifle in .300 Win. Mag. and a Dakota 76 African Rifle in .416 Rigby. The Model 76 exemplifies the very best of bolt-action innovation with the exquisite lines and impeccable shot-to-shot precision created only through the individual attention of Dakota craftsmen. The ultimate platform for a mid-bore hunting rifle, the .300 Win. Mag. Safari is Dakota’s most popular rifle, a perfect blend of form and function. The magazine’s four round capacity plus the guaranteed 1-in. accuracy of all Dakota rifles gives the shooter the confidence to make the shot count. The largest framed

Dakota 76 Safari in .300 Win. Mag
Dakota 76 Safari in .300 Win. Mag

Model 76 rifle, the African’s stock is designed to reduce the perceived recoil and muzzle climb of big bore rifles, and it still holds four .416 Rigby cartridges in the magazine. These are both beautiful rifles, fully engraved with fleur de lis checkering on special select English walnut, with a jeweled bolt, full-coverage engraving with a sable and a Cape buffalo on the respective floorplates and gold wire borders. Each has a French grey receiver and sub-MOA accuracy. Both rifles are equipped with Leupold scopes with Talley quick-release rings and are stored in a custom Americase.

Bidding on Excellence

Conventionauctionhuntforever011314The annual SCI Convention and Ultimate Hunters’ Market is always an exciting and entertaining experience, but one of the most exciting facets of this annual gem are the daily and evening auctions that go on for the duration of the show. Fine art, custom jewelry, precision crafted and highly engraved rifles and other firearms, and don’t forget the hunts. From the equator to the Arctic, if you live to hunt and fish you will find your adventure of a lifetime in the pages of the auction guides or on the online Auction Preview Guide. But, did you know you can bid on these unique products and services online? With the exception of the silent auction and ancillary auctions you can bid for your favorite items by logging on to http://auction.safariclub.org/. You can search auction items, place bids, follow the action and close the deal all from your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Online auctions are for conventionauctionstagehuntforever011314members only and membership must be current through Feb. 8, 2014. If you are bidding online, you must register using your SCI member ID by 2:00pm MST/4:00pm EST, Feb. 4, 2014. You can even view items and enter bids before the convention even starts! With such a whirlwind of activity happening at the convention, don’t miss out on that auction item you had your heart set on. Log on to the online auction page and live your adventure!


Fausti Shotgun To Be Auctioned at 2014 SCI Convention


Fausti Stefano SRL has donated a beautiful Fausti Over and Under Shotgun in 28 gauge for the 2014 Annual Convention and Auction. FAUSTI has recreated the elegant craftsmanship and classic look of the 1700s  fowling pieces with the Venetian. This finely crafted and highly engraved over and under shotgun is built on a round action body entirely dedicated to the gauge (28ga). The guns come with traditional half pistol grip stocks completed by classic steel grip caps and splinter fore-ends. The floral engraving patterns are entirely hand cut and signed by the Master Engraver. If you look closely, you will discover mythological and architectural symbols of a City which still resonates in the hearts of modern daydreamers. The Venetian  is a truly unique piece, enhanced with gold inlays. Other details include 28″ blued barrels, automatic ejectors and a single trigger. A beautiful, fully accessorized leather case is included. For more information, visit www.faustiarms.com.