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SCI Art Auctions

Every year, hundreds of artists from around the world display their masterpieces in the exhibit hall during the Annual SCI Convention. In fact, for four days the SCI Convention is one of the largest galleries in the world! Wildlife art, sculpture, painting, jewelry you name and you’ll find it at the SCI Convention. These same craftsmen and women donate pieces to the many auctions to help support SCI and its worldwide mission. Here are just a few of the items you can bid on in 2019 when the SCI Convention returns to Reno NV, January 9-12.

Petite Yet Powerful – The SCI Miniature Art Auction

Hornbill Brigade by Linda Besse

Imagine trying to tell a beautiful story in a very short amount of time. You’d have to make sure to use just the right words, to be concise without losing the important details and the excitement of the punchline. In many ways, creating a miniature Continue reading Petite Yet Powerful – The SCI Miniature Art Auction

Art of the Hunt – Joshua Spies

I was talking with Ivan Carter the other day, not solely about dangerous animals, but the kind of adrenalin-pumping animal art he enjoys seeing on the wall. That’s when the legendary hunter, guide and anti-poaching activist from southern Africa shared this observation about a painter well-known to readers here.

“If you were to ask me ‘How would I assess the work of Joshua Spies,’ I’d Continue reading Art of the Hunt – Joshua Spies

The Art of SCI 2016

Once again we bring you a gallery of some of the art that will be up for auction during the 2016 SCI Convention. These are just a taste of some of the artists that will be up for bid throughout the convention. If you haven’t registered already, now is a perfect time!