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New DNA Requirement For Roosevelt Sable Taken In Mozambique

The Record Book Committee has concluded that for certain species such as the Roosevelt sable in the Niassa Province of Mozambique and new species such as Johnstone’s impala (which has not been added to a new category yet), DNA verification will be required by Continue reading New DNA Requirement For Roosevelt Sable Taken In Mozambique

Species of the Week – African Sable

F112 mapHippotragus niger niger

DESCRIPTION Larger than the other subspecies of sable. Adult males are glossy black, with a face that is largely white except for a wide black blaze from forehead to nose and a black stripe from eye to muzzle. Adult females south of the Zambezi River also turn blackish, though they tend to be lighter than males. Females north of the Zambezi tend to be reddish brown rather than black.

DISTRIBUTION Southeastern Angola; Zambia except in the far west; southeastern Katanga Province in Congo (K); Malawi; western and central Tanzania; Mozambique; the Caprivi Strip in Namibia; northern Botswana, Zimbabwe, and the northern Transvaal in South Africa.

TAXONOMIC NOTES Includes niger (the so-called black sable from south of the Zambezi River) and kirki (north of the Zambezi and west of the range of the Roosevelt sable). The name niger Harris, 1838 has priority.

Hunting In Zambia

Sarge Karim shares some photos of some of his hunts in Zambia.

Mufunta is an area located in the west of Zambia bordering the Kafue national park. The area boasts the highest density  of Sable than any other, with several trophies scoring in the high 40s. Other plentiful plains game in Mufunta are; roan, eland, kudu, hartebeest, reedbuck, common duiker, impala, warthog, bushing and buffalo.

Nyamvu and Nyakolwe are adjacent, privately owned wild and unfenced hunting concessions located in the famous Luangwa Valley. These areas boast some of the largest roan populations in Zambia. Other huntable species include; hippo, crocodile, buffalo, puku, bushbuck, impala, kudu, warthog, hartebeest, zebra, hyena, and waterbuck.