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Glacier Goats

“Like all vain men, he had moments of unreasonable confidence.” Warren Eyster

My first moment of unreasonable confidence took place approximately 30 years ago at the end of a Dall sheep hunt in the Alaskan range with guide Coke Wallace. Continue reading Glacier Goats


Getting Her Goat

Mountaingoat2Maybe a thousand years ago—or more likely thirty—I was on a knife-edged ridge in deep snow when two big billy goats sauntered up the ridge toward me. We’d seen them from the bottom and made the gut-wrenching climb…but, as so often happens, on top we couldn’t find them. Then they were right there! Continue reading Getting Her Goat

Top SCI Record Book American Mountain Goats

Mountain Goat DistributionA medium-sized animal with a short, slab-sided body, humped shoulders and a long, narrow head. The shaggy coat is white or yellowish-white (vanilla) in color, with long underwool, and longer guard hairs that form a stiff mane on the neck and Continue reading Top SCI Record Book American Mountain Goats