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Zeiss Launches New TERRA 3x Riflescopes

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics recently announced the launch of the new TERRA 3x line of 1-inch riflescopes.

TERRA 3x riflescopes offer all the benefits of German quality, design, engineering and performance that you’ve come to expect from Zeiss, but at a price point highly competitive with traditional 1-inch riflescope manufacturers. With best in class image quality, comfortable ergonomics and robust construction, Zeiss builds TERRA 3x riflescopes to handle the most rugged terrain and challenging conditions, plus they’re backed by the Carl Zeiss’ U.S. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

“We are thrilled to offer our third Ziess series of riflescopes to the market at a price that puts them within reach of most sportsmen,” said Mike Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. “Carl Zeiss is the leader in world class premium hunting optics, but we have to be realists when servicing the American hunter. We are listening to what this market is asking for and delivering outstanding TERRA optical products at incredibly competitive price points. TERRA riflescopes bring the ZEISS brand as an additional choice of optics to millions more sportsmen in the U.S.”


TERRA 3x riflescopes pack powerful, uncompromising optical performance into a lightweight, yet extremely rugged, compact 1″ design. Zeiss optics with MC anti-reflective coatings produces bright, high contrast images and 1/4-MOA adjustments provide 100% repeatability, click by click. Available with standard Z-Plex or the newly designed TERRA exclusive RZ6 and RZ8 ballistic reticles.

With its compact size and extremely low profile, this scope works perfectly as a slug gun scope, a lever-gun scabbard scope or for highly mobile hunters who don’t need extra weight when stalking through dense heavy cover taking short to mid-range shots. MSRP: $388

This all-purpose scope features a slightly larger objective to provide hunters with an added advantage in low light situations. The 3-9×42 is a classic scope for American sportsmen and this will surely please those looking to enter the Zeiss family of products. MSRP: $444 (Z-Plex) $499 (RZ6)

Suited for mid-to-long range hunting applications, this low profile scope is versatile yet still compact enough to manage rugged, mountainous terrain. Available in ZEISS Z-Plex and the new RZ8 reticle. MSRP: $499 (Z-Plex), $555 (RZ8)

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Zeiss VICTORY HT Non-Illuminated Riflescopes

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics recently announced all new, super-bright VICTORY HT non-illuminated riflescopes boasting  95% light transmission. The unique optical concept offers unrivaled low light performance, taking aiming accuracy to new heights. With its SHOTT HT High Transmission lenses and legendary Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating, the VICTORY HT allows you to hunt until the very last traces of light. The result–a longer hunting day and more success afield than ever before.

“Carl Zeiss has set a new standard once again,” said Michael A. Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics.  “The VICTORY HT is the finest, highest-performance riflescope on the market today and once you’ve looked through one, you’ll see why.  There is nothing comparable.”


The new VICTORY HT’s compact construction offers huge advancements in ergonomics with a new eyepiece enabling the scope to be mounted low on the rifle. Also, all external lenses are protected by LotuTec  coating for easy cleaning and clear visibility in any weather and it is backed by an industry leading no fault / limited lifetime transferable warranty.

Features include:

  • SCHOTT HT High Transmission lenses with 95% light transmission provides a distinct brightness advantage in extreme low-light conditions
  • Sleek, compact and ergonomic design
  • New innovative ASV+ ballistic turret solution for fast, accurate target acquisition at all distances

Available Models:
2.5-10×50 From $1600
This low-profile, all-purpose scope squeezes the utmost light out of its 50mm objective, from dawn until dusk. Assisted by state-of-the-art HT glass, it delivers unprecedented precision at longer distances.

3-12×56 From $1700
The largest of the VICTORY HT line, this 3-12×56 model makes targets visible in the very last moment of shooting light, when conventional optics often fail. The combination of the advanced HT glass high-performance 56mm objective lens and ASV+ turret option makes this scope deadly accurate at any distance, in any light.

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Burris Eliminator Scope Line Grows

Burris has announced new Eliminator scopes in addition to its original Eliminator, which provides accuracy to 800 yards and is useable on any gun with any load.  The new scopes range in function from basic rangefinder capabilities to enhanced ballistic programing abilities.

“The Eliminator’s split-second, automatic trajectory compensation technology has provided shooters with the invaluable ability to place ethical shots on target within seconds, which dramatically extends a shooter’s confidence and ability in the field,” said Rob Siemers, Burris Company general manager.

Bushnell Eliminator_III
Eliminator III

The flagship scope is the new Eliminator III with a new X96 reticle that will range at any magnification out to 1,200 yards complete with a windage compensation system.  This 4-16X50mm laserscope designed for centerfire rifles allows the shooter to control ballistic programming at the touch of a button–first entering the bullet drop at 750 yards for the specific load, then the ballistic coefficient (BC) for the specific cartridge.  The X96 reticle lends added accuracy for manual wind compensation.  A digital readout displays a 10 MPH wind value as a “Dot Value” for the cartridge at the indicated range.  All these elements have been perfected and are available at the touch of a button. MSRP is $1,499.

Eliminator II 4-12X42mm
Eliminator II 4-12X42mm

The Eliminator II 4-12X42mm laserscope with X38 reticle provides accurate distance calculation to 999 yards, regardless of magnification.  This scope is programmable for any gun or load and comes with inclination/declination compensation giving the shooter higher accuracy in hilly terrain.  A remote activation switch is included with this scope and can be attached to either the firearm’s forearm or the objective bell on the scope.  MSRP is $999.

Eliminator 3.5-10X40mm
Eliminator 3.5-10X40mm

The  Eliminator 3.5-10X40mm scope is accurate to 800 yards and can be programmed to work with any gun and load.  Ranging targets or trophies with this model requires magnification to be at 10x.  This laserscope is ideal for basic rangefinding.    MSRP is $799.

“With our latest additions to the Eliminator family, we now offer hunters and long-range shooters the best technology, electronics and optics at varying price points,” concluded Siemers.