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Swarovski’s X5i—A True Superscope

It’s not very often that a riflescope excites me, but Swarovski’s X5i really gets my heart beating quickly. For years, scope makers have experimented with packing all kinds of features into Continue reading Swarovski’s X5i—A True Superscope


Perfecting Zero

Is there an ideal range for zeroing-in a rifle? Of course there is, but it obviously depends on the cartridge in question. I mean, you don’t buy a .450 Marlin with the idea of posting yourself on a stand where the average shot is 300 yards. Conversely, you don’t zero-in a 7mm Ultra Mag to print dead-on at 100 yards. Continue reading Perfecting Zero

Swarovski Optik Announces New Smart Scope

Swarovski Optik North America has announced its new dS riflescope — completely new generation of riflescopes that combine the optical features of a conventional scope with the technology of digital targeting. Continue reading Swarovski Optik Announces New Smart Scope

Zeiss Announces New Victory V8 Line of Rifle Scopes

Carl Zeiss Optics is once again on the leading edge of rifle optics with the new Victory V8 line of illuminated rifle scopes.

“Carl Zeiss has set a new standard once again,” said Joel Harris, Head of Global Public Relations, Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. “The VICTORY V8Zeiss-victory_v8-011216 riflescopes are the finest, highest-performance riflescopes on the market today and once you’ve looked through one, you’ll see why. We stand alone at this class level, there is nothing comparable. Never before has a ZEISS riflescope been more sharply focused on performance and elegance than the VICTORY V8. The first time you look through the V8, you’ll realize that such image quality and resolution simply cannot be matched. It is an optical masterpiece full of innovation, providing a totally new user experience.” Continue reading Zeiss Announces New Victory V8 Line of Rifle Scopes