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Remington Unveils New Products

Vince Norton Remington Designer
Vince Norton, chief designer of the new V3 is justifiably proud of Remington’s newest shotgun.

One thing you can always count on is Remington — along with its sister companies — introducing enough new stuff each year to provide plenty of grist for people like me. In addition to Remington, we’re talking Marlin, H&R, Bushmaster, DPMS/Panther Arms, Dakota Arms, Continue reading Remington Unveils New Products

Remington Camp Cooking

Chef Charlie Palmer
Chef Charlie Palmer


“There’s something liberating about cooking and eating outdoors. Away from the constraints of the table, we’re a little more sensual in our appreciation. We revel in the smell of the campfire, the charring of the meat on the grill. There’s a different spirit-more primal, more immediate, and ultimately more satisfying.” – Chef Charlie Palmer

Camp cooking doesn’t have to mean canned stew and jerky. Remington has teamed up with renowned Chef Charlie Palmer to bring a new perspective to cooking in the outdoors.

Chef Palmer and his sons
Chef Palmer and his sons

This full-color book is a keepsake and a bible for those who love the sport of the great outdoors – from hunting and camping to cooking and sitting by the side of a campfire. The pages of Remington Camp Cooking are truly a getaway into nature’s bounty – a lovely escape from our daily routine for those whose true passions lie in the field, by the fire and at the stove. “Eating in nature, from nature, means eating mindfully within seasonal harvests: using simple dishes enhanced by vivid flavors that can only come from attentive sourcing. That’s why I decided to partner with Remington on Camp Cooking,” says Chef Charlie Palmer. “Throughout the book you’ll find recipes for outdoorsmen, sportsmen, cooks, and hunters to enjoy every day of the year.”remgalleryimage101113
Remington Camp Cooking features more than 120 outdoor game and fireside cooking recipes, as well as camp cooking pointers from Chef Charlie Palmer. Replete with artwork from the Remington Arms collection, consider this cookbook your how-to on everything to feed your outdoor life, no matter where you roam.