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Argentina Mixed Bag

If you’re a shotgunner South America’s high-volume wingshooting must be on your bucket list. If you’re a big-game hunter, you simply must hunt red stag in the roar. I’m not a serious angler but, among those who are, I’m told that the bright golden tail-walking dorado is considered among the world’s top freshwater game fish. Argentina offers all three…and a whole lot more! Continue reading Argentina Mixed Bag


New Zealand Trophy Hunting Offers World Class Adventures

Providing New Zealand’s finest red stag hunting has produced several former world records and there will be more.

The red stag typically rut from mid-March through mid-May. At this time, they will also be in the roar. When a stag roars, it is a guttural, hair-raising, lion-like sound that will be sure to get your heart racing. If you are a bow hunter, this is your best opportunity for hunting this majestic animal. Hunting a roaring stag at close quarters is one of the world’s most unforgettable hunting experiences.

Hunts for fallow deer, Pacific whitetail, wapiti/elk, Sika and Sambar deer are also offered.

The Hunt of A Lifetime

When I was little, I never thought I would make it to New Zealand. Of all the places I had ever wanted to go, it was the one place I most wanted to visit because it holds some of the most beautiful country and some of the largest animals in the world.  In Continue reading The Hunt of A Lifetime

A Bowhunter’s High

I am a bowhunter – pure and simple. Over the past 35 years, I, along with my sons Jason and David, have almost exclusively pursued the white-tailed deer in Mississippi, Illinois and Kansas with a bow. Continue reading A Bowhunter’s High