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Hear What You’ve Been Missing – SportEAR Ghost Stryke

sundraremnesikariflehuntforever021214If there is one item we hunters and shooters should consider indispensable it’s hearing protection. If you’re like me — and if you’ve done any amount of hunting and shooting you are — you’ve lost some of your hearing. Me, I’ve lost about 35 percent in my right ear (I shoot right handed), and about 25 percent in my left. Continue reading Hear What You’ve Been Missing – SportEAR Ghost Stryke

Hearing Loss as it Relates to Hunting & Shooting Sports


Join Garry Gordon at the 2014 SCI Convention as he discusses the dangers and ways to minimize hearing loss. Recreational hunters, guides, and shooters are paying a tremendous price for the satisfaction of their sport.  Of all the things we do recreationally, impact sound, such as gunfire, produces more risk and danger for permanent hearing loss than any other sport we know.

This seminar is professionally designed to review the problem, discuss the many options available to prevent hearing loss, and also assist you with situational awareness.