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Rhode Shoots Past Olympic Records

Kim Rhode, U.S. Olympian and SCI Life Member, fired off another “first” this past weekend when she became the first U.S. athlete to win five medals in five consecutive Olympic games, and also broke an Olympic record of shooting 99 out of 100 targets. This historic accomplishment was triggered when Kim won the gold medal in Women’s Skeet.

“The hunting and shooting community is reveling in Kim’s astounding accomplishment from this weekend’s Olympic Skeet Shooting gold medal performance,” said SCI president John Whipple. “Not only did Kim set an Olympic record of shooting 99 out of 100, she also is the first American athlete to win a medal in five consecutive Olympic Games. She embodies the excellence of an Olympic legend.”

Many “firsts” have led up to this medal. At age 12, Rhode was the youngest person in history to break 100 straight in American Skeet, and in 1994 and 1995 she was the youngest person ever to captain the Open Ladies All-American Skeet Team. At age 17, she was the youngest person ever to represent the U.S. on the Olympic Shooting Team, and the youngest woman for any country in the world to make an Olympic Shooting Team.

“SCI is proud to sponsor Kim Rhode during her historic win. Her performance definitely puts women’s skeet on the map for the general public to fully appreciate.

Thank you to Kim for being a true ambassador for the sport,” concluded Whipple.

Other awards and medals that preceded Rhode’s latest records include setting an Olympic World Record in women’s double trap in 1996.  Since taking the Gold in Atlanta, Rhode has twice been named the USA Shooting “Woman Athlete of the Year,” and is a recipient of SCI’s “Spirit of Courage Award.” Chevy Truck named her “Shooter of the Year” in 1996, and in that same year, Time magazine named Rhode one of the “Top Ten Sports Phenoms.” She was honored in 1997 with a Victor Award (City of Hope) and presented a “Woman of Achievement Award” from the YMCA.

Rhode’s prior Olympic achievements include Gold Medals in Double Trap in 1996 and 2008 as well as Bronze in 2000. In Skeet she earned Silver in 2008. Rhode is a life-long international hunter who started hunting before competitive shooting.

Next weekend, Rhode and her teammate Corey Cogdell, will compete in Women’s Trap. Both of these Olympians are sponsored by SCI.