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Record Book Approaching 200,000 Entries

SCI means many things to different people and one truth is certain: the more involved members become with SCI, the more they find what SCI has to offer. I invite all members to become more involved personally because it not only will help SCI, but it will be rewarding beyond expectations. Continue reading Record Book Approaching 200,000 Entries

Gilbert Aguilar: SCI Measuring Coordinator

This month, it’s my pleasure to introduce SCI Measuring Coordinator Gilbert Aguilar.  Gilbert is based in the Membership and Business Operations center in Tucson, Arizona where he oversees over 1,500 active measurers for SCI and trains an average of 100 new measurers annually. A lifelong hunter and fisherman, Gilbert understands the role that we as hunters play in wildlife conservation. His focus is to educate, inform and support SCI’s mission through the Measuring Program. Continue reading Gilbert Aguilar: SCI Measuring Coordinator

Record Book Committee Named

As I write this article I have just returned from my annual fishing trip to northern Manitoba. My longtime friend and hunting and fishing partner Tim Mulhollen reminded that this was our 20th year fishing out of the same outpost. Twenty years of memories, fishing stories and most of all, friendships. Over the years we have taken close to Continue reading Record Book Committee Named

SCI Members Share Their Pride Of The Hunt

Members of Safari Club International are proud of their achievements in the field and proud to share them with their fellow hunters. They have entered their successes into the SCI Record Book to document their hunting heritage and help create one of the most complete scientific record of wildlife in existence. Thank you for sharing your success and helping to preserve our hunting heritage.