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In Search Of Dik-Diks

In case you were wondering, the odd name comes from Somalia, a simple version of this tiny antelope’s alarm call that, according to our SCI record book, sounds like “zhik-zhik.” Dik-dik is pretty close! The smaller races of dik-dik are almost the smallest animals with hooves and horns; only the tiny royal antelope of the West African forests is consistently smaller. But even the largest, Namibia’s Damara dik-dik, Continue reading In Search Of Dik-Diks

Light In The Forest

Yellow Backed Duiker
Yellow Backed Duiker

One of the greatest things about Africa is the incredible variety! There are more than a hundred varieties of antelope alone and they come in all sizes from the 2,000-pound eland down to the pygmy antelope. The little guys are a very large group. Our SCI Continue reading Light In The Forest