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Hunting Leaders Join Forces to Battle New Jersey Black Bear Hunt Ban

The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, Safari Club International and Sportsmen’s Alliance have joined forces to challenge New Jersey Gov. Philip Murphy’s executive order to close state lands to an ongoing legal and scientifically backed black bear hunt. NJOA, SCI and the Sportsmen’s Alliance will file suit in New Jersey state court. Continue reading Hunting Leaders Join Forces to Battle New Jersey Black Bear Hunt Ban

Secretary Zinke Expands Hunting and Fishing Opportunities at 30 of America’s National Wildlife Refuges

Continuing his efforts to increase access to public lands, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke will open more than 251,000 acres to new or expanded hunting and fishing opportunities at 30 national wildlife refuges across the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Wildlife Refuge System. This will now bring the number of units where the public may hunt to 377, and the number where fishing is permitted to 312. Continue reading Secretary Zinke Expands Hunting and Fishing Opportunities at 30 of America’s National Wildlife Refuges

Public Lands Hunting Gets House Committee Nod

In a bipartisan vote, the 28 members of the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources passed H.R. 1825, the Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage and Opportunities Act of 2013.   Congressman Dan Benishek (MI) was instrumental in advancing H.R. 1825.


Millions of Americans, including thousands of SCI Members, hunt and shoot on public lands.  The Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage and Opportunities Act of 2013 recognizes the rightful place of recreational hunting, fishing and shooting on federal lands and protects those opportunities from being closed to the public without justification.

By passing this legislation out of committee and to the House floor, the committee has helped to protect the hunting heritage for future generations.

“Public lands are essential to American sportsmen and women as a means of access to available land,” said SCI President Craig Kauffman.   “H.R. 1825 protects the opportunity to hunt on those lands.  It is essential that the House advance H.R. 1825 with a vote, so that the U.S. Senate can adopt this legislation, necessary to preserve the sporting heritage of Americans for years to come.”

The U.S. House of Representatives passed similar legislation in the 112th Congress and Safari Club International remains hopeful the current bill moves quickly to a floor vote for passage.  Hunters all across America are encouraged to contact their lawmakers and ask them to protect American’s sporting heritage for future generations by supporting H.R. 1825.

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Federal Premium Public Hunting Land In Anoka City Limits

Federal Premium and its hometown of Anoka, MN, recently came together to open the Federal Premium Wildlife Conservation Area at Kings Island. The city named the property Federal Premium to show gratitude for the company’s long and documented support of the community. The area is now open for hunting, so Minnesota duck, goose and deer hunters can enjoy public land access minutes from where all the ammo is made.

At the City Council’s July 23 meeting designating the area, Anoka Mayor Phil Rice said, “Federal Premium Ammunition has been an anchor in the business community of the city of Anoka, Minnesota, for many years and Federal Premium Ammunition has been one of the City’s top employers for several generations and the top employer for many of those years. The City of Anoka is proud to have Federal Premium Ammunition as an integral part and valued member of our community.”


The City of Anoka officially dedicated the property on Friday, August 10 after the City Council recently amended its ordinance to allow bowhunting and waterfowl hunting there–within the city limits.

“For a company like ours there is no higher honor than naming a public hunting area after us,” said Conservation Manager Ryan Bronson. “Our employees and neighbors will be able to enjoy this jewel on the river for generations and be reminded of the investments Federal and Anoka are making for wildlife every day.”

Friday, August 10 was also a time to recognize and celebrate a number of conservation milestones, events and achievements including:

  • 90 Years- Federal Premium Ammunition
  • 90 Years- Isaac Walton League
  • 75 Years- Wildlife Restoration Program
  • 75 Years- Ducks Unlimited
  • 45 Years- Minnesota Waterfowl Association
  • 30 years- Pheasants Forever
  • 30,000,000 rounds- Federal Premium Ammunition/ Pheasants Forever

Conservation manager Ryan Bronson said, “Celebrating these conservation milestones with our government and non-profit partners will hopefully invigorate us as we tackle the conservation challenges of the next century.”

Safari Club International, The National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited and the 4-H National Shooting Sports Foundation all shared in this celebration. Several other state and local agencies were among the attendees.